Prepare yourself for 76 pages of laughs and mystery!
You'll get …
Chills! An undertaker is called upon to track down a mysterious, headless CORPSE!
– Cuteness! A surly, bike-riding sasquatch and his cat.
– Bravery! A man with a pancake head risks everything for science!
– And at least a little bit more! Including …
– TRAGEDY!! An innocent bystander gets transformed into a chicken.
See what the critics are saying:
"I don't get it." —Author's mom. She always wants him to draw nice stuff.

"I can't believe people pay money for this sort of thing when there are so many shows to watch these days." —Benji. Right head of the double-minded man.

"Worthy of a spot within easy reach of your toilet … in case of you're out of toilet paper." —Jerry. Owner, Jerry's Service Station.
"Bocky cluck bock bock." —Flash. A guy who got turned into a chicken.

"This book changed my life. I'll never look at pancakes the same way again." —The Semicolon Man. Ultra-runner.
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