I need to add that a significant portion of this book was sketched in the car on the way to visit my brother in Chicago shortly after the birth of his son. 
Also, one of the final "after everything is said and done" edits came in the request that I flip the roll of toilet paper around in one of the last pages. The author is decidedly in the "over" camp (as am I). "Under" seemed more visually interesting at the time, however. 
Here's what the publisher has to say: 
Duck the halls! This ebook starring Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty® captures the true message of Christmas and makes for a perfect present—to either give or receive!

Uncle Si plays the part of an elf in order to help Santa Claus to save one little boy’s Christmas. This humorous, heartwarming picture book is told in verse that’s true to Uncle Si’s unique way of spinning a tale.
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