Winner of the 2015 Comstock Read-Aloud Book Award. 
Ben has had lots of experience on how to keep busy when you get sent to your room. When he is sent to his room (again) for feeding his dinner to the dog (again), he is well prepared. Ben shares many ideas with the reader for ways to keep yourself entertained while doing time for your crime. His ideas range from writing notes of apology to his parents, preparing his birthday list, “redecorating” his room, and perfecting his sling shot skills. Ben is always ready for an early release because he shares a room with his older brother, and his mom never allows them to stay in the same room at the same time. After reading this story, you will understand why.
Gilpin’s detailed illustrations are humorous and draw the reader into the story. The illustrations range from double page spreads showing Ben busy in his room, to vignettes showing him doing chores and improving his special-ops skills. The large illustrations make this book perfect as a read aloud. The facial expressions of Ben and his pets are very humorous and enhance the reading experience.
Children, ages five to eleven, loved this book. They were enthusiastic about reading the book and found the characters to be engaging and entertaining. The plot is true to life and easy to relate to for many children. The fantastic illustrations and humorous antics of the main character captivated students. Readers highly recommended this book and children begged for it to be read again and again.
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